Senior Men’s 7s


The Tasmanian Men’s 7s team contests the National 7s Championships in November every year.

In 2017 the team finished 12th after a challenging tournament, but scored in every match and took an early lead in their match against the eventual Champions, Queensland Red.

In 2018 the Men’s representative 7s program will be expanded to include more lead-in tournaments to prepare the team for the Championships. More information will be announced towards the end of the Men’s 15s season, in mid 2018.


2017 Tasmanian Men’s 7s Team

Vandy Kanneh (Harlequins)
Connor Mack (Devonport)
Josh Havea (Harlequins)
Brett Bentley (Devonport)
Sidney Fielea (Harlequins)
Tom Ackerly (Harlequins)
James Erwin (AMC)
Jake Harris (Taroona)
Charlie Holmes (Taroona)
Jim Nico (c) (N/A)
Brendan Cox (Devonport)
Luke Burgess (N/A)


National Championships 2017 Results

Day One
Tasmania 5 – Queensland Red 54
Tasmania 7 – New South Wales 48
Tasmania 5 – National Indigenous 36

Day Two
Tasmania 10 – South Australia 26
Tasmania 7 – Northern Territory 24