Code of Conduct

The ARU is committed to promoting and strengthening the positive image of Rugby and its participants in Australia. In light of this commitment, the ARU Code of Conduct seeks to establish standards of performance and behaviour to ensure that participants act in a professional and proper manner and to ensure that the game is played and conducted with disciplined and sporting behaviour.

The Code of Conduct also seeks to deter all on-field and Rugby-related conduct that could damage the game of Rugby by impairing public confidence in the honest and orderly conduct of matches and competitions or in the integrity and good character of participants.

The Australian Rugby Union has set out the ARU Code of Conduct By-Law to assist clubs when dealing with the above issue.



The Australian Rugby Union has developed the following guidelines to assist clubs when dealing with expectations of behaviour from players, parents, teachers and coaches.

The expectations of behaviour guidelines are a simple outline for parents, teachers, coaches and players to ensure everyone is given the opportunity to maximise their enjoyment of the game.

Rugby has always been a game that prides itself on fair play and enjoyment for all, so please adhere to these guidelines to ensure this continues.

These guidelines have been developed to:

  • Maintain the elements of enjoyment and satisfaction in Rugby
  • Make adults aware that young people play to satisfy themselves and not necessarily to satisfy adults or members of their own peer group
  • Improve the physical fitness of youth by encouraging participation in rugby by making it attractive, safe and enjoyable for all young people
  • Constantly remind administrators, coaches, teachers, referees and parents that Rugby must be administered, taught and provided, for the good of those young people who wish to play the game.

It is their game!

Download the Expectations of Behaviour Guidelines